19 Apr, 2017 | Written by Premis

Commercial Design Trends: Geometric Tiled Patterns

A shout-out to the 70s but with a modern twist, geometric tiled patterns are firmly back in for commercial design in 2017.  Incorporating this trend into your commercial or business space is a great way to bring it to life and add a modern feel that will be appreciated by staff and clients alike.

Small or large, coloured or monochrome, there are plenty of ways to use geometric tiled patterns when you refurbish your existing space or fitout your new premises.


Geometric patterns can be created using a number of shapes. Triangles, diamonds, rectangles and chevrons are all popular choices. You can also mix shapes together, or use combinations of shapes to create other shapes. For example, triangles can also create diamonds or squares, and they can fit nicely around diamonds, too.


Geometric patterns often make use of bold colours and patterns. However, muted colours, neutral colours and blacks and whites are equally effective. You can feature your branding colours – or use your geometric patterns to colour code your open work spaces


Geometric patterns can be used to tile your entire floor space or feature wall. However, less can also be more – accenting a section of your wall or floor with geometric tiled patterns can make for an effective and attractive statement piece that brings visual interest to your space, without overwhelming it.

Non-Tiled Applications

Tiling is the most obvious way to use geometric patterns in your commercial or business space, but it’s not the only option. Rugs, carpets, accent furniture, couch cushions and even artwork can also feature geometric patterns. In some contexts, these items may be a more appropriate or budget-conscious way to apply the geometric pattern trend to your workspace.

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