5 Apr, 2017 | Written by Premis

Colour-coordinated Workspaces

Businesses across Australia are increasingly adopting an “open office” approach to their design and fitout.  Gone are the days when different departments and teams were separated by hallways, rooms and offices.  Instead, non-permanent workplace layouts are becoming the norm.

These layouts offer a range of benefits, including flexibility, agility and adaptability, as your business’s internal space can be altered much more easily to respond to changing needs and demands. But even with an “open office” layout, you may still need to tell your different departments or teams apart – which is why colour coordinated workspaces are also growing in popularity.

Why Colour Coordinate?

Colour coding your departments or teams makes it easier to identify them.  It’s a visual way to symbolise who works with whom.  Colour coding can also streamline tasks such as interdepartmental communication, as it’s easier for everyone to identify where the person or people they need are located.

Executing Colour Coordination

Colour-coordinated workspaces can be created in a number of ways.  Painted walls and/or coloured furniture are two easy-to-implement approaches to colour coordinating your workspace. Colour-coded walls take greater effort and time to adapt and change, but may nevertheless be suitable for your space. Colour-coded furniture is usually somewhat easier to move and adapt.

Where appropriate for your environment and business values, another colour coding approach is to allow teams to add colour-themed decorations to their workspace.  This approach to colour coordination can be a great team-building exercise for your staff. Many of them may also appreciate the opportunity for some creative expression in the workplace. However, this approach must be carefully managed to ensure the end result is suitable for your business’s image and the day-to-day logistics of your workspace.

Get Colourful

At Premis, we’re committed to staying on top of trends such as colour-coordinated workspaces.  Call 1300 773 647 today to discuss how we can assist with your colour-coordinated workspace plans and make the entire process as straightforward and pain-free as possible.

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