30 Jan, 2018 | Written by Premis

Case Study: St. Columba's Primary School Project

Premis commenced work in August 2016 on the St. Columba's Primary School project, a catholic primary school located in Wilston.    It was a 3-stage build project that required a complex sequencing and staging program.   The project was in the heart of the site and was the most underdeveloped and difficult section of the site in a fully operational school.

Moving The Services

This part of the build required an enormous amount of planning and staging works to relocate all the infrastructure, staff and services from the existing administration building to an adjacent building.  The work involved the relocation of the school's security, data and power systems and the provision of new water feed and sewer.

Demolition & Construction

After the services were moved, the building was then demolished and the existing building was totally cleared from the site.  This was timed to take place during school holidays.

Once the site was cleared work commenced on the construction of the school's new administration facilities. The school's amenities were located on the ground floor and the classrooms on the 1st floor.    



ABM Architects wanted the design for the administration building to fit well within the existing surroundings and to reflect a modern, classical style that gave the school more of a presence.   The Premis team worked closely with ABM Architects to ensure that the construction program ran smoothly and the results speak for themselves.

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