15 Apr, 2019 | Written by Premis

Bringing Brickwork Inside

Brickwork is a familiar sight on the exterior of a number of buildings. But if you’re planning to fitout or refurbish your commercial space, it’s worth pausing to consider whether you want to bring bricks inside your building, too.

An Emerging Trend

In Australia, exposed brickwork is trending as an interior design element. While it’s most commonly featured in walls, you’ll also find examples of exposed brick floors and, of course, the traditional brick fireplace.

Why Bring Brickwork Inside?

Fans of the interior brickwork look are quick to point out its practical and aesthetic benefits.

To begin with, brick is a sturdy, hardwearing material. It can take quite the battering and still look no worse for wear. This is good news for commercial spaces, which typically experience more wear and tear than regular buildings.

Depending on your space, brickwork may offer energy efficient benefits as well. Brick that’s exposed to sunlight will absorb thermal heat, and release that warmth when the sun is gone. That means lower power bills for you, as some of your premises’ heating and cooling needs are taken care of naturally.

Aesthetically speaking, brickwork offers an opportunity to create unique patterns, textures, and looks for your commercial interior. From geometric patterns to variegated surfaces, there are plenty of ways to add flair and interest to your walls and floors with bricks.

Sculptural brick features such as fireplaces can also be used to add a sense of warmth to your space. Even if your fireplace isn’t fully functional, it can form an interesting feature – perhaps even paired with an artificial heater for added, literal warmth.

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