14 Dec, 2016 | Written by Premis

Breathing New Life Into Outdoor Spaces

Over time, a once-attractive façade can decline through weather, general wear and tear and can even become a safety hazard.  A number of businesses in the Brisbane area have, or are in the process of upgrading external spaces around their building to bring a more modern feel to the space.  Most builders work in consultation with designers to achieve the look they are after and comply with the relevant safety standards to deliver the façade refurbishment.

CDOP9 is a food and beverage precinct in Milton. Premis was engaged by the client to deliver an upgrade to the façade at the facility, with the long-term objective of increasing its street appeal.  Premis demolished existing awnings and umbrellas that shaded the exterior of the building and replaced these with sleek, steel-cladded awnings as well as providing additional seating. The project also included the provision of a new planting regime and timber-cladded columns.

The project’s safety regulations required the program to utilise sequencing as well as accommodating working in and around the general public. It also involved public controls coupled with public awareness safety.

Premis applied the same safety standards in the delivery of a similar result for 183 North Quay in Brisbane’s CBD.  This project involved the complete demolition and subsequent rebuild of the site’s entrance, adjoining walkway and lobby. Suspended aluminium purpose-built awning shades the area and, as a result, the dated building was revived in its appearance, bringing it in line with industry trends.

Both projects have delivered modern, functional and attractive upgrades to the precincts which have ultimately improved their appearances and increased the building’s tenancies.

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