30 Sep, 2019 | Written by Premis

Boosting Productivity with a Commercial Interior Fitout

Research shows that productivity increases when employees are happy, and relationship-building is part of achieving happiness.

So how can a commercial interior fitout encourage employees to interact, and help improve productivity? We take a look at incorporating different types of spaces into the plan, and bringing the natural world inside to boost wellbeing.

Collaborative and Individual Spaces

Although open-plan offices were introduced to improve productivity through collaboration, there’s a concern that the need for individual spaces has now been overlooked.

A 2018 global survey of 250,000 employees found 57% agreed their workplace enabled them to work productively. That leaves 43% of workers feeling ambivalent about their working situation.

The survey found interior fitouts needed to cater “for both individual/concentrative and interactive/collaborative” activities.

Biophilia and Productivity

Bringing the natural world into the office is known as biophilic design. According to a UK study, bringing plants into the office makes workers 40% more productive - and more creative as well.

Imitating nature with digital AV also has a positive effect on productivity. Screens built into a ceiling can display video of sky and clouds or even trees. Water sounds and digital fountains help to relax the mind and raise productivity.

Case study: Bowen Hills Work Project

Brisbane’s Bowen Hills Work Project involved relocating 250 staff from various locations to a single 3000sqm workplace.

While space for team workshops and meetings was important, nurturing breakout spaces and filtered lighting areas were also part of the Bowen Hills interior fitout remit. Here, workers can recharge, and discuss projects informally.

This office design is known as ABW-hybrid. Activity based working focuses on activities rather than locations, so it was important to offer zones that encouraged collaboration.

‘Hybrid’ means other types of spaces are included in the mix: offices without walls, traditional walled offices, non-allocated quiet rooms, breakout Wi-Fi hubs and workstations.

These spaces help in improving productivity because accelerated output is sometimes best achieved alone, and sometimes as part of a team. Good ideas can begin with a casual conversation in a work lounge or on a staircase. Encouraging these interactions is key to the process.

Planning an interior fitout is not just about choosing colours, fixtures and furniture. Your plans will have a direct impact on the happiness and productivity of your staff, so contact Premis to discuss your commercial interior fitout project.

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