3 Dec, 2018 | Written by Premis

Bold Design Approaches in Hospitals

One trend in the hospital space in recent years has been the introduction of bold design elements in buildings’ structures and décor.

Bold design can help to differentiate your hospital’s brand, improve patient experience, and enhance wayfinding throughout, so it’s hardly surprising that this has become such a popular choice.

This blog explores ways you can apply bold design in your next hospital refurbishment.


One bold design feature you’ll find in a number of hospitals is bold imagery – especially supergraphics.

Supergraphics are large-scale images that can be applied to a wall in a room, hallway, or other space. These images may match your branding, blend with the local landscape on the inside, target a specific patient demographic (e.g. cartoon-style illustrations in a children’s ward), or incorporate calming, healing-focused natural scenes. You can choose an image from a collection or commission one from an artist or photographer.

Premis Solutions’ refurbishment of the Robina Hospital Medical Imaging Unit included a nature-inspired supergraphic. (Importantly, this is a surface that can be easily cleaned – a key pre-requisite for any bold design element in a hospital setting.)


Another bold design choice worth considering in your hospital refurbishment is colour.

Studies investigating the psychology of colour have shown that different colours evoke different emotional responses. Harnessing carefully-chosen colours can allow you to make a bold design decision with practical benefits. You can also use colour to enhance wayfinding throughout the building, matching certain colours with certain wards or other areas.

Colours that may be appropriate for your next hospital refurbishment include shades of green and blue (especially liberally-applied lighter shades, which have calming properties), splashes of yellow (a bold colour which, when used sparingly, promotes optimistic feeling), gentle pinks (said to soothe, though more effective in rooms for women than men), and even white (which conveys a sense of cleanliness that is certainly not astray in a hospital setting). Premis’ work at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital shows bold colour used to powerful effect.


Technology can prove a bold design choice in your hospital, not necessarily because of its appearance, but because of its utility for patients, visitors, and staff alike.

For example, screens can be incorporated in patients’ rooms to facilitate video calls with their loved ones, allow for remote consultations between doctors, and provide easy, on-demand access to medical records. This can improve both patient experience and patient care.

Some hospitals also use digital projections, or wrap rooms in digital screens, to allow for tailored imagery and ambiance.

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