30 Jul, 2018 | Written by Premis

Biophilic Design in Hospitals

At Premis Solutions, we’re committed to keeping abreast of developments in the hospital design space.  After all, hospital refurbishments are one of our specialities.

One recent trend in hospital design and refurbishments we’d like to introduce you to today is biophilic design.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design involves introducing natural light, views, materials, air, and vegetation into built environments such as hospitals.  Part of the larger “green building” movement, biophilic design can be used to bring natural sights, sounds, and smells into your hospital space.

The idea behind biophilic design is that the presence of natural elements in your hospital environment will positively influence staff and patient experiences and outcomes. And while experts agree that more research should investigate biophilic design specifically, it’s certainly already established that elements such as natural light and views can offer health and wellness benefits for your patients.

Elements of Biophilic Design

Every hospital building and space is different, so the aspects of biophilic design that suit one hospital may not be appropriate for another.

Your space may be suited to a rooftop garden, a central courtyard garden, planter boxes in your corridors, expansive windows for showcasing natural views or light, skylights, artwork featuring natural scenes, indoor or outdoor water features, natural ventilation, timber finishes, or some combination of the above.

Whichever approach or approaches you adopt to bring your space “back to nature” with biophilic design, it’s important to ensure the materials, plants, or features you use are suited to the needs and purposes of your hospital environment. For example, if you choose to feature planter boxes or a garden in your space, choosing plants that are non-allergenic, resilient to pests, and can exist in their chosen environment is recommended.

Your Next Hospital Refurbishment

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