18 Nov, 2020 | Written by Premis

Bank of China – Market Square, Sunnybank

Premis was recently engaged to undertake the fit-out for Bank of China’s new flagship branch in Sunnybank, Queensland. This follows the completion of the newly redeveloped Market Square shopping centre, which now includes an additional 8,000m2 of retail space and over 300 car parking spaces.

The project was delivered over 21 weeks and included work across three separate floors, covering a total area of over 700m2. One of the key elements of the project was the addition of custom joinery, including a feature staircase, which was cladded with timber veneer constructed of beautiful Tasmanian oak. Live plants were also added, which enhanced the impact and aesthetics.

One of the challenges faced by the Premis team was the installation of a four-tonne vault door on the basement level. This involved cutting the existing slab to create an opening large enough for the door to be lowered through using a portable gantry. Once installed, the slab was then filled and sealed. This level was also fit-out with 4000 safe deposit boxes, viewing rooms and storage facilities.

On the ground level, automated teller machines, a waiting and business banking area, staff offices and banking facilities with three teller stations were installed.

On Level 1, workstations, back-of-house offices, a communications room, meeting room, a luxurious boardroom, storage facilities and a staff kitchen and amenities were added. On this level, custom entrance signage was also designed and installed. This involved the Bank of China logo being cut into a porcelain tiled panel with LED strip lighting added to illuminate and emphasise the bank’s branding.

The team did such an amazing job and we look forward to potentially working on further projects for Bank of China as well as other banking providers. If we can be of assistance please reach out to Simone Miante, Business Development Manager on 0416 072 723 or simone.miante@premis.com.au

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