19 Nov, 2018 | Written by Premis

Allied Health Building Refurbishment, Griffith University

Premis recently completed refurbishment works on three floors of the six-storey N55 building at Griffith University, Nathan campus.   

The refurbishment involved upgrades to the upper three levels of the building, construction of an internal stair structure to link each floor, as well as a new-build portion on the roof podium.

To minimise disruption to staff and students, the project was delivered in two stages:

Stage 1: Consisted of the construction of the new roof and half of the upper floor, the full floor plate of the middle floor and approximately 30% of the lower floor

Stage 2: Involved the refurbishment of the rest of the upper floor, and the remainder of the lower floor, including installation of the linking stairwell to all floors. There was also a full upgrade of the new lift.

A suite of offices across two floors - including research rooms and studios - was then fitted out in addition to the installation of new chilled water pumps, fire systems and landscaping of the internal courtyard, terrace roof and internal stair surrounds.

In both stages of the project, works were undertaken concurrently across all levels of the building, with demolition, structural work and fitout being undertaken simultaneously to fast track the project.

Premis looks forward to once again working closely with Griffith University in delivering future projects.

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