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Aged Care Design Challenges

Thanks to Australia’s aging population, the need for aged care facilities continues to rise.

The Challenge

Despite a burgeoning market and the business necessity of differentiation, many aged care facilities are barely distinguishable thanks to their overly stark and sterile appearance.

This appearance is one reason many families are reluctant to send their parents, grandparents or other older relatives to an aged care facility. After all, entrusting the care of a loved one to someone else is already difficult; the thought of sending that loved one to an uninviting and overly-sanitised environment makes it all the more challenging.

The Solution

If you’re in the aged care industry, the good news is that all is not lost.   By taking the time to consider your aged care design and incorporating appropriate design elements into your facility, you can create a warm, welcomng and comfortable environment that people will feel comfortable sending their loved ones to.

Design Inspiration

If you’re looking to build, renovate or refurbish an aged care centre, we recommend that you consider incorporating the following elements into your aged care design:

  • Colour – can be incorporated on the walls, carpet or furnishings to bring a warmer, more friendly feel to any space.
  • Central courtyard gardens – allow you to have more windows and creates a safe, easily-supervised space for residents to enjoy sunlight and fresh air.
  • Outdoor benches – should be scattered throughout your gardens to provide residents with plenty of rest opportunities when they exercise.
  • Windows for natural light – because abundant natural light creates a healthier environment and warmer feel in any indoor space.
  • Railings along pathways – help to promote mobility and the enjoyment of the outdoors for residents who struggle to walk unaided.
  • Indoor plants – bring the outside in, creating a brighter, healthier and more natural-feeling indoor environment.
  • Community facilities – such as sports grounds or a school garden can attract members of the community to use the facilities and socialise with residents.

Refurbishment Help

If you need help refurbishing a warm and inviting aged care facility, Premis Solutions can help.

Contact us today on 1300 773 647 to discuss your aged care facility refurbishment.

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