16 Jan, 2018 | Written by Premis

3 Ceiling Trends for Commercial Buildings – 2018

Next time you’re considering a commercial interior fitout, make sure you spare a thought for your ceiling.

While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional flat white ceiling, it’s important to remember that in 2018, there are many other options out there.  And while the flat white ceiling may be just right for some commercial interior fitouts, there’s a good chance that a different option may be much better suited to your building and its purposes.

Wooden Ceilings

Wood adds a natural and inviting feel to any space, and your ceiling may be the perfect place to use it. Whether you’re after a rustic, exposed-beams kind of a feel or a more polished and sleek look, a wooden ceiling can be a great choice. And if environmental consciousness is an important value in your business, why not consider reclaimed wood?

You can use wood for your entire ceiling or you can use it in your ceiling as a striking feature element (see image below) – the choice is yours.

Baffle Ceilings

Baffle ceilings are one trend that is seriously taking off. And while you may be baffled about what they actually are (see what we did there?) chances are you’ve seen plenty of examples of baffle ceilings without even realising it.

Baffle ceilings feature panels (“baffles”) that hang vertically from the ceiling. Straight, curved or wavy, they can provide a number of benefits, including sound absorption for managing your space’s acoustics, light reflection for improved lighting without increased power consumption, an aesthetically-appealing look, and an improved sense of “openness” in any space. While most baffle ceilings have baffles that run parallel to one another, you can also have baffle ceilings with perpendicular baffles, like the one pictured below.

Feature Ceilings

As the name suggests, feature ceilings are ceilings that are intentionally included as an architectural feature in your commercial interior fitout.

Due to their very nature, the possibilities for feature ceilings are almost endless. Basically, you’re limited only by your architect’s imagination and by any planning requirements from your local council or building authority. Feature ceilings may play around with colour (including bright colours or your branding colours), images (including murals or wallpaper), variations in height (with low hanging features set against higher elements), exposure (with beams and other features that would normally be hidden exposed for all to see), and many other design elements. The image below is an example of a feature ceiling where both the ceiling and its accompanying lighting are design features.

Get Inspired

If you’re interested in discovering more ideas for the ceilings for your commercial building, check out our gallery of past commercial projects. Or, contact Premis today to discuss your next commercial interior fitout project.

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